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Within the boundaries of the Peoples' Republic of China, for example, there are approximately 80 different linguistic groupings, bound by geographical, political, and yes, even cultural distinctions.

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I will articulate these in two broad categories, the social implications and the interpersonal implications. Globalization and informatization provide a context that ultimately can be at odds with traditional cultural forms. Such blatant symbols of multinational power are indicative of the homogenization of traditional societies.

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However, "knowledge" is an inherently relativistic concept Breen Although scholars distinguish between co-cultures within North American boundaries, this concept is rarely applied to other nations.

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Informatization, however, forces us to consider the ways in which culture influences the successful transmission of messages in radically different channels than traditionally conceived.

In addition, Westerners have clear advantages in telecommunications, as illustrated by the fact that there are more internet connections in Manhattan than in the entire African continent World Bank statement on technology In his discussion of communication technologies, which Ellul argues are a form of the totalizing system of propaganda, he argues that "Christianity disseminated by such means is not Christianity" p.

Communication theorists have long understood that culture is inherently a symbolic system, and that it is thus a close scrutiny of the nature of symbols, their transformation, and their impact that best prepares one to understand the ways in which these forces shape and alter our symbolic understandings of our lives.

It is thus likely that intercultural communication scholars can best provide a critical schema for understanding "culture" in the new world.

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And the spread of information is making accountability and transparency facts of life for any government" United Nations Moreover, these forces allow for the greater flow of information, even from places and to people who have traditionally been sealed off from the free flow of information.

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Rather, as Geertz defines it, it is a set of symbolic systems, that serve not only to define and identify the culture and social structures, but also to articulate the synthesis of two essential parts of human culture, ethos and world view.

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The influence of culture on communication behavior is central to our field of study, and by any account, telecommunications, cyberspace, and other emerging media forms are becoming increasingly popular modes of communication.

So although the information systems that permeate the modern world allow for a greater dissemination of information, there remains the danger of the dehumanization of that information, and the social context that makes the information relevant. In soccer, on the other hand, there is a premium on "spreading out," not infringing upon the force field occupied by a team-mate, so that fancy foot-passing is possible.

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Companies have made considerable progress in assessing the sustainability of their processes and products, including the information and communication technology (ICT) sector.

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